The transformation of ”Shree H.N.Shukla College” into ”Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges” aptly reflects the efforts put in by the president, Mr.Nehal C.Shukla , who is a thorough visionary. He envisions the college to be a platform which is

- Of the Students
- By the Students
- For the Students

A place that transforms young budding stars into responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow, indeed, UTOPIA (Ideal Place) where the dreams of students come true.
The college has been established with the motto Sky is the Limit which has been rightly justified as it remains the youngest management in Saurashtra, ever-growing and ever-expanding, scaling new heights in the academic field. The college staff and the students have been striving hard to realize this motto. The college has been established with an objective of bringing about the overall development of students by offering them a platform for developing their hidden talents, thereby enabling them to scale new heights of success in today’s competitive world and contribute their bit to the society and the nation.
The college gives importance to the development of 3As in the students, namely,

- Academics
- Activities
- Attitude

The objective behind this is to develop a strong value system in the students by inculcating in them values like honesty, sincerity, self-respect, kindness, politeness etc. Thus, the college not only gives importance to producing better students but also better human beings.